How does a ground source heat pump work?

How does the ground source Heat Pump work?

In principle, the heat pump works like a refrigerator: the same technique, only reversed utility.

The heat pump receives energy from the heat source side (earth, water or air) at a low temperature and releases heat with a higher temperature on the heating side.

A geothermal heat pump uses solar energy stored in the ground. This solar energy is available at any time. Day or night, summer or winter, even unlimited, because it renews itself over and over again. Due to its relatively constant ground temperature, the earth is a particularly good heat accumulator. Starting at a depth of approx. 1m only very little temperature fluctuations occur, no matter how cold it is outside.

We use either a flat collector (a large pipe system that is laid about 1m below ground), a geothermal probe, via deep drilling into the ground (30 to 150 m), or geothermal baskets, which are particularly suitable for confined spaces.

Please see attached video explaining in more detail how ground source works.

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