Glebe House – Underfloor heating and air source heat pump

The renovation of a 19th-century farmhouse in rural Gower Swansea presented a unique challenge for the homeowners. They wanted to maintain the original character of the property while updating it with modern conveniences, including a new heating system. After careful consideration, they decided to install underfloor heating and a Mitsubishi ECODAN air source heat pump (ASHP).

Green’s Carpentry were instructed to complete the renovation whom we worked alongside to provide the client with a modern and efficient heating system.

The first step was to install the underfloor heating system. The existing solid floors were removed, and the subfloor was excavated to create space for the heating pipes. The pipes were then laid in a continuous loop, with multiple manifolds to control the flow of water to each zone.

Once the underfloor heating was installed, the next step was to install the ASHP’s and the plant room. The three units were placed in series equally distanced outside the property and connected to the underfloor heating system via a series of pipes.

Renewable Heating Wales Renewable Energy also fitted a bespoke buffer tank and an insulated hot water cylinder and connected it to the ASHP, providing hot water for taps and showers.

The homeowners were pleased with the installation process, the homeowners were very impressed with underfloor and plantroom installation.

After the installation was complete, the system was commissioned. The homeowners were provided with training on how to use the system.

Since the installation, the homeowners have noticed a significant improvement in the comfort of their home. The underfloor heating provides a more even distribution of heat, with no cold spots or draughts. The ASHP provides efficient heating and hot water all year round, even in colder weather.

The ASHP is powered by renewable energy, which means they are using less fossil fuels to heat their home. This has not only saved them money but has also reduced their carbon footprint, something that was important to them.

In conclusion, the installation of underfloor heating and an ASHP has transformed this 19th-century farm house into a modern, efficient and comfortable home. The homeowners have achieved their goal of maintaining the character of the property while updating it with modern conveniences. The installation has also helped them reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint, making it a wise investment for the future.

Installation of underfloor heating and a Mitsubishi ECODAN air source heat pump.