Monmouth Ground Source Heat pump

Removal of old inefficient oil boiler installation of GSHP 

Mr & Mrs Jones have a 4-bedroom detached property in Coleford. Their oil boiler was coming to the end of its life and needed to be replaced and having heard about renewable heating systems they wanted to know what options would be available to them.

Our renewables team carried out a detailed survey of the property and calculated the property’s heat loss requirement, took measurements of the surrounding land and made their recommendations.

Mr & Mrs S had been paying approximately £1700 per year to fuel their oil boiler and after considering their options, it was agreed that a ground source heat pump would be the best solution. Not only would making the swap reduce their carbon footprint, it would save them around £700 per year in fuel bills and also earn around £25,000 in RHI incentives over 7 years.

The System

Heating: 1 x Mtec 15KW Ground Source Heat Pump System with 300 Litre Cylinder and 200 Litre Buffer.

Removal of old inefficient oil boiler installation of GSHP